Our company was founded in 1966 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The main target was the representation of European manufacturers of API in the region, including its full marketing and logistic services among the local companies.

Since the initial steps, Conderco focused on the main players in pharmaceutical fields, such us Boehringer Ingelheim, Sandoz, Pharma Waldhof, Recordatti, Uquifa, etc.

In 1970, Conderco decides to open the new office in Montevideo, Uruguay in order to increase our sales force and expand our presence in Latin American countries.

In 1990, the company decides to enlarge the portfolio by the representation of new companies, not only from Europe, but also from Asia.

During this decade, we set up our representation agreement with Hetero Labs, which allow us to be the first brokers who showed a leadership in commercialization of Indian API in our territory.

After this satisfactory experience, we increased our partnership with Asian companies providing our customers the largest and most innovative products range and services.